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Public Servants Killing Innocent Citizens, Democracy

After decades of lies and abuse, American citizens are collectively calling bullshit like never before. A nation of zombies is pulling its collective head out of the punch bowl and looking in the mirror. According to a Pew research poll in June 2020, 71 percent of Americans are angry about the state of the nation and 66 percent are fearful. Only 17 percent of Americans are proud of the current state of affairs. Meanwhile, our trust of government and the media are at all-time lows. Our national debt is at an all-time high, but we have very little to show for our it, except for enriched corporations and scores of dead patriots who have put their lives on the line for lies (including casualties of war and the coronavirus). Anger and fear are widespread. Majorities of Democrats and Republicans say they feel both sentiments when thinking about the country, though these feelings are more prevalent among Democrats. Hope is fading fast.

It’s time to unmask the real issue. The race card is being smartly played as a point of division and distraction that is cloaking the ultimate threat—fascism. Racism is fascism. Extortion, corruption, cronyism, retaliation and censorship are more symptoms of fascism. What we are witnessing today is far from democracy and far from free-market capitalism. Unfortunately, we are dependent on an election system that is rigged, according to President Trump. Both parties are corrupt (just ask Bernie Sanders), so high hopes for change must be tempered.

If you thought that the world allies wiped out fascism when we stopped the German Nazis, think again.

We just stopped Hitler’s brand of politics so that we could promote our own special interests. In fact, former president Dwight D. Eisenhower used his farewell speech to warn Americans and the world about the threat of fascism, which is eroding our constitution, democracy, economy and values. He urged us all to beware of the threats of an expanding military-industrial complex—a system where the interests of the government and industry overshadow the interests and rights of the citizens.

We have institutionalized fascism and corruption at the highest levels in most countries, which has created abusive, unresponsive and misguided governments around the world that serve and protect someone, somewhere for profit.

The fascist grip is so strong that it has silenced many voices for many years. Strong, smart, influential people are afraid to speak up due to the fear of economic retaliation, if not physical harm. When forced to stick their neck out, most wilted away. Politicians, celebrities, athletes, advocates and cops with a conscience avoid speaking up to protect their paycheck. Self-censorship through intimidation is a form of fascism, but silence implies acceptance. Anyone who has allowed themselves to be silenced is the past is partially responsible for the present.

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