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Target Marketing

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Advertising opportunities have never been so complex, diverse and targeted. Thanks to new online platforms, we have more mediums than ever to reach our target markets, but segmentation and customized messaging is critical to success. Reaching the right people at the right time with the right message is essential.

Marketing strategy hasn’t changed as much as the media world. It still boils down to strategic planning, market segmentation, meaningful messages, reach and frequency. We still must capture attention before we can capture the hearts and minds of our prospects. We still must overcome objections. Just buying online ads that stalk customers after they start searching for products and services isn’t enough. The total customer experience still matters. Branding and customer relations are not things of the past.

The quest for online visibility and influence is changing the marketing landscape. These trends are forcing the convergence of marketing, public relations and public affairs. Strategic planning is more important than ever.

The media landscape also continues to evolve with more fragmentation, but target marketing, segmentation, customization and meaningful messaging still are the keys to gaining market share.

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Crossbow Communications is one of the leading public relations and public affairs firms in the United States. We have influenced public opinion and public policy around the world for more than 30 years. Today, we are tackling some of the most urgent issues of our time, including vital health and environmental challenges. We have offices in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.