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Website Content Critical To User Experience

According to new market research, website traffic is the most influential factor when search engines determine search results. When many users visit a website, Google sees that site as one of high authority and value.

According to SEMrush, the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing, user behavior signals such as time on site, pages per session and bounce rate also influence website rankings, since they indicate website quality and relevance for users. Backlinks also are extremely important for rankings.

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Web Traffic Strategy

One of the main indicators of a website’s popularity is its number of visits. There are a lot of ways for visitors to find your website: organic search, paid ads, social networks, direct visits, referring domains, emails, etc. After excluding organic search and other traffic data, we see a strong connection between the number of direct visits and the page position on the SERP. This could indicate that Google prioritizes domains with more authority and consequently more direct traffic when ranking. Direct visits are fueled by your brand awareness, so building a strong brand image should be an essential part of your promotion strategy. Of course, social media, events, sponsorships and other tactics can help fuel your web traffic.

The researchers analyzed several user behavior signals, including bounce rate, the time that the user spends on the website in general and how many pages per session the user opens. These statistics help identify user behavior patterns and can provide information on whether your content is engaging, whether the navigation on your website is convenient and how users generally react to your website.

It is clear that high-ranking pages have lower bounce rates. This could be the result of the level of trust that users have for top-ranking pages, or it could mean that the lower-ranking pages are less relevant. And though Google reps declare that all user behavior signals are too noisy to be considered during the page qualification, a high bounce rate could indicate that the page content is irrelevant, which is bad for both users and search engine bots. These results indicate that users tend to spend more time on websites that rank higher in SERPs. This could be explained by the same fact: users trust top-ranking pages more than lower-ranking ones. Just like the bounce rate and time on site trends, these results confirm that users tend to visit more pages on websites that are in the top of organic search results.

“Content is still king when it comes to online visibility and shareability,” said Gary Chandler, president and CEO of Crossbow Communications. “Is your information helpful, relevant and unique? That’s what people want when searching for solutions and answers.”

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Crossbow is an award-winning and record-setting communications firm that influences public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the world. We have generated millions of dollars in revenue, stockholder equity and media coverage for our clients. We’re helping stakeholders around the world tackle some of the most urgent issues of our time. Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. We’re opening a new office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix PR Firm Offers Tips For Improved Online Marketing

Search and Social Channels Key To Online Marketing

Staying ahead of online marketing trends, strategies and tactics is a full-time job. Just about the time you figure out the game of search, social media and other convergence opportunities, they change the landscape with new communication channels and new technology.

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The simple test that we provide our clients consists of nine factors:

  1. Does your website have a blog? Adding a blog (web log or dialogue section). This is an area to provide added value to your customers and prospective customers. It also gives you fresh information to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. The more that you post good, unique content, the more that Google, Yahoo! and other search engines will reward you by featuring your business higher and more frequently within search results by prospects who are looking for a business such as yours.
  2. Does your website have analytics? Do you know how many people are visiting your site every day? Do you know what pages or posts these visitors are viewing? Are these views generating inquiries and orders?  Analytics give you the insight necessary to fine tune your messages and your offers so that you maximize visitors and sales.
  3. Social Integration and Sharing. As you will see on this web post, we include the share bar above and below the information displayed to remind visitors to share the information with their network of contacts. The sharing links also make it quick and easy to send the information on to friends, family and associates. The share bar should include the most popular social and sharing options, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, research your top competitors on social media. What are they saying and doing? Don’t be left in the dark. This is public information.
  4. Are your visuals powerful, professional and simple? As in old-school advertising and marketing, you must grab the attention of readers and walk them through the information presented. Old-fashioned, low-quality images are a turnoff that position your business as old-fashioned and irrelevant in today’s fast-paced digital world.
  5. Are you using video? Images can help grab attention, while videos can help tell the story and put your story into different channels, such as YouTube. Videos can be very brief and very detailed, depending on the task. Even video shot from your cell phone can be powerful if you have an important message. As with photos and graphics, however, a video can send out the wrong message, so be relevant and respectful of your audience and their time.
  6. How do you stack up against key competitors in your market? Rate their web sites on the above factors. See what other insights you can gather from their site.
  7. Take the Google test. Conduct a market search just like a prospective client does. Enter a few key words, such as your home town and words that describe your business. For example, my clients might search Denver Advertising Agency or Phoenix PR firm. Experiment with several searches to see who dominates this powerful platform. If you aren’t showing up on the first page of search results, you have work to do.
  8. When was the last time that you were featured in local, regional or national news? Earning media coverage is one of the most powerful tactics that a business can pursue. People trust third-party news, it positions you as a leader and it can feed your online outreach machine. Posting news coverage to your social accounts in a meaningful way can move the meter in many ways. Do you have a system for spotting and creating news? Do you have any media relationships? Start building a list of potential news opportunities and pitch them to the right reporters and editors.
  9. Do you have a current marketing plan? Not one from five years ago. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

If you answered no to any of these points, it might pay dividends to reconsider and regroup. If Google isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. We can help maximize the return on your investment. We have great online marketing packages to fit your need and budget. Write me at and let’s talk about your opportunities and challenges.

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Crossbow Communications is an international marketing and public affairs firm. We can help you influence public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the globe. We can help build your brand, your bottom line and a better world. Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. We’re opening a new office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Online Marketing Specialists Tapped For Sustainability Project

MentorNet Helping With Global Sustainability Project

Denver-based MentorNet is now hosting the online portal and developing the architecture for two global sustainability initiatives. MentorNet also is handling all online campaigns, including search engine optimization and social media for Greener Cities and Sacred Seedlings.

“This is an important new partnership,” said Rich Benvin, president and CEO of MentorNet. “We pride ourselves in being a sustainable business and we are proud to align ourselves with an international program that celebrates and promotes sustainable cities.”

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MentorNet also committed to using energy-saving servers and software to minimize the carbon footprint of this program. It will continue updating as possible to stay on the cutting edge of best practices and performance.

“MentorNet is the best online marketing consultants on the planet,” said Gary Chandler, co-founder of Earth Tones, Inc., the parent company of both Sacred Seedlings and Greener Cities. “These strategists understand the importance of planning and execution to raise our visibility around the world fast.”

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PR firm Phoenix

Crossbow Communications is an international marketing and public affairs firm. We can help you influence public opinion, public policy and business decisions around the globe. We can help build your brand, your bottom line and a better world. Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. We’re opening a new office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Denver PR firm. Phoenix PR Firm.