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Turn Issues Into Opportunities.

It pays to stay one step ahead of issues and opportunities on Main Street, Wall Street and Capitol Hill. We have global capabilities and networks to help you be proactive and reactive.

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Harness the power of public opinion and public policy to build your bottom line.

We specialize in issue management, including stakeholder relations, government relations and media relations. Our top issues include health, natural resources, education and human rights.

We have helped our clients influence public opinion and public policy around the world since 1985. We have helped them earn millions of dollars and preserve millions of dollars in stockholder equity. Aim higher with Crossbow.

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  1. Keith Wertman says:

    Hello Mr. Chandler,
    A family forest and farm that has been owned by the same family since the late 1940’s is being threatened with development. After the conclusion of WWII, a U.S. Navy Veteran and his family purchased about 1000 acres of woodlands and hayfields IN Orford, NH. Through the years the operation of the farm was primarily for the benefit of the family / subsistence farming. They milked a few dairy cows and raised a few beef cows. They raised chickens for eggs and meat, planted a garden for fresh vegetables and canning for the winter months. Firewood was cut for heating the house and firing up the cookstove. When cash was needed for taxes or other things, they would cut a few pine trees to sell to the mill. It was a sustainable farm. Over the last few years or so it seems that prices have risen so dramatically, various levels of government ask for more in the way of taxes and the development pressures are mounting. I have been working with James Thaxton of the Upper Valley Land Trust (UVLT.org), Beth Ann Finlay of the NRCS office in Orford, NH and Dave Falkenham Forester UNH Cooperative Extension Grafton County to research various types of conservation easements available to help preserve this open space. I am including a link to a Crowd Funding campaign that tells a little bit more of the story. Please visit the link, read the story and pass the word if you’re so inclined. Thank you for your time.


    Keith Wertman ABOC / FNAO

    Licensed Optician



    Fairlee, VT


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