Public School Teachers Standing Up To Privatization Movement

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The Private Battle Over Public Schools The rising tide of teacher activism continues today, as thousands of educators in both Arizona and Colorado walk out of their classrooms and head to their respective state capitol. Unfortunately, they could be playing into the hands of those who want to bust teacher unions and divert billions of dollars to

PR Firm Builds Website Traffic, Search Engine Ranking

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Website Content Critical To User Experience According to new market research, website traffic is the most influential factor when search engines determine search results. When many users visit a website, Google sees that site as one of high authority and value. According to SEMrush, the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing, user behavior

Memes, Video Add Fuel To Digital Campaigns

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PR Firms Keep Clients On Strategy If a picture is worth a thousand words, a viral meme on social media is worth exponentially more. Advocates, marketers and public policy wonks are all embracing the power of social media, pop culture, politics and memes. Some are having greater success than others. A meme is a funny

Propaganda Part Of Public Affairs

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The Art Of Information, Influence Propaganda and censorship are nothing new, but the art, science and motives have evolved tremendously in the past decade. Freedom of speech isn’t what it used to be. Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of a population toward some cause, position or movement. It’s a common

Government Shutdown Values Idealism Over Patriotism

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Bankruptcy A Threat To U.S. Constitution Since we now fund our government and our record debt three months at a time, the showdown over funding was predictable. President Trump signaled his approval of a government shutdown last May, when he endorsed the possibility publicly. He made it clear that he was willing to hold a

Business Credit Report Impacts Brand

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DUNS More Than A Number Businesses of all sizes spend billions of dollars every year to help build their brands and their bottom lines. Meanwhile, millions of these businesses are oblivious to their business credit report at Dun & Bradstreet, which can deprive them of vital opportunities. Lenders, vendors, insurance companies and prospective clients often check

Public Affairs Evolving, Integrating

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Fusion Of Government Relations, Public Relations and Marketing Public affairs is another term for stakeholder relations among individuals and groups with common and competing agendas. It’s typically found at the crossroads of public opinion and public policy. Stakeholders often include politicians, civil servants, influencers, customers, communities, clients, shareholders, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, charities, unions,

Mad Cow Disease A Symptom Of Bigger Problems

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Prion Disease Never An Isolated Event Mad cow disease has again raised its ugly head in the United States. Thanks to misinformation and mismanagement by government, the problem will persist. Government and industry representatives announced yesterday that an 11-year-old beef cow in Alabama tested positive for prion disease. Also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE),

Chronic Wasting Disease A Symptom Of Bigger Problem In Norway

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Reindeer Canaries In A Coal Mine Norway and the greater Scandinavian region are experiencing some of the highest rates of neurodegenerative disease in the world. The human epidemic is fueling a related epidemic among wildlife. Norway will slaughter hundreds of reindeer to tackle a mere symptom of a bigger problem. Mismanagement is pouring fuel on the

Phoenix PR Firm Launches Campaign To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s An Infectious Disease According To Science, Evidence If you think that you and your family are immune to the surging epidemic of neurodegenerative disease, think again. Neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, is the fastest-growing cause of death in the world. It’s getting worse every day thanks to mismanagement and misinformation. Infectious proteins known as prions are